Revenue Cycle Management

Patient Care...
Not Paper Work

Medical billing and claims processing are the financial foundations of any medical practice, but you want to spend your time on matters related to patient care – not paperwork. FPS Medical Billing can make that a reality. We have earned the trust and confidence of many clients during our 50 years in business, and we will work hard to earn yours, too.

Along with running a practice come administrative procedures and regulatory requirements that must be followed. When FPS manages your billing and claims processing, we ensure compliance, accuracy and a reduction in days outstanding for your accounts receivable. With FPS’ expertise, your practice will be more efficient, your staff more productive, and cash flow more consistent.

Services Include

FPS will provide, set up and train your staff on an easy-to-use scheduling system with a customizable visual display. Features include daily, weekly and monthly planners, daily encounters, workflow, recalls and an appointment finder.

Claims Entry
Work can be delivered via various methods, such as online entry, scanning, overnight delivery, and messenger.

Electronic Medical Claims Processing and Management
To proactively prevent processing delays, claims are pre-scrubbed before submission, and any errors corrected. Learn More…

Physician Practice and Revenue Cycle Management
FPS follows up with individuals and insurance companies to resolve outstanding balances as quickly as possible. Learn More…

Payment Processing
FPS offers Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) with claim payment information and Electronic Funds Transfer, to have your payments deposited directly into the bank account of your choice.

Patient Billing
After claims are processed by the insurance carrier, bills are sent directly to your patients to collect any outstanding balances.

We provide comprehensive reports that fit your practice’s unique needs and requirements. Learn More…

Once we’re ready to implement the services you’ve chosen, your billing will be in the hands of our experienced, knowledgeable staff. In business since 1965, FPS’ reputation as one of the leading medical billing and claims processing companies in the industry has been earned one client at a time.

Electronic Claims Processing and Management

FPS Medical Billing’s electronic medical claims processing and management software increases efficiency and reduces errors.

Whether you elect to have FPS submit claim information or prefer your staff do so online, our software pre-scrubs each claim, checking for accuracy and giving us the opportunity to correct any errors or omissions. Once the claim has been cleared, it’s sent directly to the insurance carrier.

Using our billing system and electronic processing services can reduce or eliminate the lost time of rejected claims, allowing you to get paid faster from insurance carriers, improving cash flow.

Physician Practice and Revenue Cycle Management

We recognize that timely resolution of accounts receivable is critical to physician practice and revenue cycle management.

FPS Medical Billing monitors the status of claims, follows up with insurance carriers and works to ensure that claims are processed in a timely manner in order to reduce the number of days outstanding and contribute to positive cash flow.

In cases of patient hardship, or any situation that requires discretion beyond what is typical, FPS will defer back to you for instructions on how to proceed. Protecting your relationships you have built with your patients is very important to us.


FPS Medical Billing clients can take advantage of a wide variety of reporting options to simplify revenue cycle management, track patient information, support your marketing initiatives, or prepare data for grant or residency programs.

Reporting categories include:

  • Productivity
  • Scheduling
  • Patient
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

Electronic Health and Medical Records

Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs provide financial incentives to eligible medical providers who adopt, implement, upgrade and demonstrate “meaningful use” of certified EHR technology.

FPS Medical Billing supports meaningful use of EHR and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for our clients. Our EHR/EMR specialists will fully train your staff and provide a detailed review of the incentive program requirements.

These incentive programs are designed to support healthcare professionals in this period of health technology transition and instill the use of EHRs in meaningful ways to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient health care in your practice.

By putting into action and meaningfully using an EHR/EMR system, you will reap benefits beyond financial incentives – such as reduction in errors, availability of records and data, reminders and alerts, clinical decision support and e-prescribing/refill automation.