Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management

FPS Medical Billing’s practice management and revenue cycle management services can simplify and improve the workflow of your practice, freeing you from the administrative day-to-day processes so you can focus on patient care.

Our full spectrum of advisory services are based on research-driven insights, unparalleled industry knowledge, firsthand experience and excellent professional skills. We have an incredible network of resources that we will use to help you meet your objectives in today’s competitive and evolving health care marketplace.

Our expertise:

  • Practice Assessment and Management, including staffing, workflow and operations (link to subpage)
  • Financial Analysis and Services, including revenue cycle management and physician compensation (link to subpage)
  • Managed Care Contract Evaluations, including a complete review of your insurance contracts, strategy development, marketing plans, and contract negotiations to maximize reimbursement

Is there room for improvement in your practice? Do you want focus on treating patients, and leave the complication of practice or revenue management to us?

Contact FPS today to get started with a practice assessment. Call (855) 829-2900 or request more information online.