Practice Assessment and Management

FPS Medical Billing can help you improve your monetary productivity, simplify the complexities of billing and coding, organize your record keeping, market your practice, and educate and/or manage your office staff.

To get started, we conduct a comprehensive business assessment to review all aspects of your medical practice management, including accounts receivable management, physician billing services and insurance claim filing, and staffing. Then, we craft a strategy to move forward.

Our solutions focus on producing a timely
return on investment through methods that:

  • Streamline patient flow
  • Increase productivity
  • Build physician harmony
  • Improve front desk operations
  • Simplify scheduling and registration
  • Ensure policies and procedures are followed through correctly
  • Make the best of space and staffing

While we are managing your practice, we will be in constant communication with you and/or your staff. You can expect on-site visits from the FPS team as well as emails and phone calls. During discussions, we will set and monitor the progress of priorities and goals. Your practice will have easy access to financial, administrative and clerical info. Most importantly, the overall operation of your practice will be greatly improved, leaving you free to concentrate on patient care.

FPS’s extensive experience in every aspect of the health care industry makes us uniquely qualified to successfully administer the everyday operations of your medical practice. Call (855) 829-2900 or inquire online to learn more.