Financial Analysis and Services

FPS Medical Billing’s health care and physician revenue cycle management services will capture lost revenue, decrease costs and contribute to workflow improvement.

Following a thorough financial review of your practice, including coding, fee schedule, and reimbursement analysis, we will present you with a solid plan for financial improvement, including streamlined billing and claims processing and accelerated cash collection. If appropriate, these services include an integrated approach to physician compensation planning, which encompasses base salaries, capitation-based pay, incentives for productivity, medical management, and financial performance.

Expect a timely return on investment as we work quickly and seamlessly to improve cash flow and capture lost revenue.

State-of-the-art software ensures all of your practice’s financial information will readily available to you at all times. Financial reporting options include month end, payment lag, payer mix; audit reports to monitor coding patterns, identify credit balances owed to insurance companies; aged accounts receivable reports by patient or responsible party; summaries of the charges, payments and adjustments for your group; patient statements, current and historical journals; physician EMR expiration reports, and more.

Let FPS make your practice more profitable.
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